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26 April 2012 @ 12:24 am
My journal is now locked and well to be honest I just don't update it much anymore...

If you want to be my friend just comment in this post and I will gladly add you. :)

All comments are screened. :)  
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12 August 2010 @ 12:59 am
So if you haven't noticed I've been a shitty mod at fiercebitchstew I figured that maybe it's just because nothing new is going on in the fandom and that my interest would come back. But honestly I just don't really care anymore. I love Kristen but it's not the same way that I used to love her. I'll always watch her movies and support her from afar, but I just don't feel as fangirly as I once did. It sucks :( I did however loved the time I was in the fandom. It kept me entertained and was always there for me when I needed a way to escape my own reality. I'm also thankful I met so many great friends and even though my interest isn't within the fandom anymore I hope to keep in contact with you all.

So I've decided to step down as a mod at fiercebitchstew I rather give my position to someone who really wants it. I'll never forget all the good times at the community and how far it's gone the last year. I'm so happy to have been apart of it all. Now I think I should just hand my Mod power to someone else that deserves it more than I do.
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12 June 2010 @ 10:41 pm
I've been trying to post these forever!! Finally my computer is cooperating with me.
Here ya go crisx08

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28 True Blood Season 3 Gif IconsCollapse )

If you take please credit :)!
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16 May 2010 @ 11:35 pm
I've worked on these forever! LOL

Previews of:
Kat Dennings
Cute Doggies
Easy A Trailer
Charlie St. Cloud Trailer

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Not Dial-Up Friendly :/Collapse )

Please remember to credit :)!!
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